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Send Flowers

Would you like to express your condolences by sending flowers to the funeral, family home, residential address or business?

It is important to be aware that a minimum of 24 business hours is required when placing an order for flowers on this website. Alternatively you can call Kings Funerals on (03) 5248 3444 with any queries or for support and phone orders.


We have 8 different floral options for you to choose from. Please make your selection below. All prices displayed include a Sympathy Card, GST and delivery costs (within Australia). We accept safe and secure payment via PayPal which also provides the option for Visa or MasterCard payment. A payment confirmation will be issued by PayPal.

Please note that should a particular flower be out of season or stock we will make an alternative selection to the value you selected.

KF01 Oriental Lily Wrap Details $75.00 ORDER
KF02 Rose Bouquet Details $85.00 ORDER
KF03 Seasons Choice Sheaf Details $95.00 ORDER
KF04 Roses Delight Vase Details $105.00 ORDER
KF05 Beauty of Bamboo Details $130.00 ORDER
KF06 Mixed Floral Wreath Details $160.00 ORDER
KF07 Wilderness Details $185.00 ORDER
KF08 Designers Choice Details $255.00 ORDER
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