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Pre-paid Funerals

Each year many people make contact with us to pre-arrange a funeral. Pre-planning a funeral relieves your family of the responsibility of making decisions which would otherwise be needed at the time of the funeral. It also provides the opportunity to create a meaningful funeral ceremony – one that reflects who you are, and what has been significant throughout your life. 

A benefit of a pre-paid funeral is that prices are fixed – meaning you lock in your service at today’s prices. Additionally, pre-paid funerals are not classed as an asset by Centrelink.

Pre-paid funds are securely invested and held in a trust by a Friendly Society as a Capital Guaranteed Investment. Kings Funerals complies fully with the Funerals Act 2006

If you would like to pre-pay a funeral please contact us on (03) 5248 3444 and we will have our specialist funeral plan consultant meet with you, either in the privacy of our premises, or alternatively in the comfort of your home.

A funeral bond today can help preserve your pension tomorrow

The Centrelink Age Pension Assets Test limit to qualify for a full pension changes from 1 January 2017. For those entitled to a part pension, the amount you lose for owning assets above the threshold increases. 

Before the changes: 

Before 1 January 2017 your pension rate reduces by $1.50 per fortnight for every $1,000 of assets you own over the allowed limit. 

After the changes: 

After 1 January 2017 your pension rate reduces by $3.00 per fortnight for every $1,000 of assets you own over the limit. 

A funeral bond or pre-paid funeral plan is one way to reduce your current assets to help protect your Centrelink pension entitlements. 

You can invest up to $12,750 in a funeral bond and there is no limit to the amount you can invest in a pre-paid funeral plan to gain the asset reduction benefit. 

Find out more today – call our Pre-paid department on (03) 5248 3444.